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SheSaid is a monthly call designed to inspire and impact women in ministry leadership (WIML). The call formats are presented in conversational style. Each special guest is known to be an advocate for, as well as, an influencer of women leaders who will actively engage listeners concerning effective ministry leadership practices.

Also, viewers will be given an opportunity to engage with each guest after a time of teaching. These times of impartation will leave each WIML participant feeling championed, as well as, challenged for personal growth. Make plans to connect each month. Recordings will be offered below if you are unable to attend.


shesaid Monthly Call Information

Every third Thursdays @ 7:00pm EST

beginning March 21, 2019

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Meet Our Speakers

Meet Our Speakers

Tammy Dunahoo
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Angie Richey
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Harriet Mouer
Sam Rockwell
Marion Ingegneri (1)

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