Vital Care & Counsel exists to help SED churches and pastors:

  • Make strategic changes
  • Navigate key decisions
  • Evaluate potential opportunities
  • Assist in critical situations
  • Walk through difficult challenges

This month we want to look specifically at Navigating Key Decisions. Most pastors have no training and limited access to leaders with specific experience in areas like:

  • Church staffing decisions

There are so many considerations to making a great hire that most pastors haven’t been formally trained in.  Here are five:

  • Your vision should determine what positions to hire and when they need hiring.
  • Methods to find potential candidates will vary by the type of hire your seeking.
  • Fair compensation always creates a few questions.
  • The hiring process include collecting applications, culling through them, initial contacts, and choosing individual or group interviews or both.
  • The most common mistake is hiring the wrong candidate because leaders mistakenly gave them the interview answers before the interviews. Interview them before answering too many of their questions. Do not take time up front to “just get to know” a candidate.  Informal meals or meetings following the interview can help discover their relational qualities.
  • Selecting great church locations
    There is an old real estate maxim which says “location, location, location.”  This is always true.  Great locations are often discovered and often don’t come quickly. Again vision should determine location.  A clear vision will address the target demographic, the style of campus, and the ministry focus.  Knowing all three will lead to the best location from all available options.

Most church leaders don’t as the right questions about a potential location such as:

  • Is a church use permissible to zoning?
  • Are there any restrictions or conditional use limitations?
  • Are there neighbor(hood) issues?
  • What is the real condition of the building?
  • Why is it for sale or lease?
  • Who used it before? And why did they vacate?
  • Are there sufficient bathrooms and utilities?
  • Is there sufficient parking?
  • Will fire sprinklers be required?…And for what size seating?
  • What are the real costs to make it useable as a church?
  • Financing options
  • Funds availability for various purchases or projects

Financing options and funds available for projects, mortgages and purchases are numerous. With a few experienced conversations a pastor/church can easily determine their best option(s) from among lenders, an investor, capital stewardship project, or a church bond issue.

Vital Care & Counsel is ready to assist SED pastors & churches as they navigate decisions in these areas and others. For additional info contact Paul Glenn directly or his cell 704.239.0569.


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