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Life in the Spirit (1)

Life In The Spirit Series

Thursdays @ 12:30pm EST

beginning November 8, 2018

Join ZOOM meeting from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Life in The Spirit

These twelve interactive classes are designed to more thoroughly equip our Foursquare pastors and leaders in the doctrine and practice of the Holy Spirit.

This course is meant to deepen your understanding of who the Holy Spirit is, why He is in our lives, and how to be led and empowered by Him moment-by-moment.

Not only will this course seek to deepen your personal walk with the Holy Spirit, but it will seek to deepen your ability to teach the doctrine and practice of the Holy Spirit to your local church.

This will not be a mere mental exercise or simply an accumulation of doctrinal facts about the Holy Spirit. This will be a practical dive into the active Spirit-filled life of God’s people in every generation and in every situation in our local churches.

This class is designed for all licensed Foursquare pastors, ministry leaders, and volunteers. Let’s see the Holy Spirit freshly fill our personal lives and powerfully fill our local churches!

Leading In the Spirit

Leading In The Spirit Series

1st Wednesday @ 12:30pm EST

beginning December 5, 2018

Join ZOOM meeting from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Leading in The Spirit

These landmark moments will be LIVE 1-hour online events. Participants joining the moderated Zoom video conference will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

Each month a new guest speaker will share their personal experience and practical insights on leading through being empowered by the Holy Spirit. They will share on things such as:
1. Their personal story…how and when they received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
2. How they see the gifts of the Spirit in operation in their daily life throughout the week, as well as, in weekend worship services.
3. How they make room for and even stir the operation of the gifts as well as steward those moments.
4. How they teach on the Holy Spirit as well as the frequency and format.

Guest speakers include Huey Hudson, Grace Gonzalez, Farrell Lemings, and more from across Foursquare and the Southeast District.