Jan 2017 – Vital Care & Counsel

Vital Care & Counsel exists to help SED churches and pastors:

  • Strategic changes
  • Navigate key decisions
  • Evaluate potential opportunities
  • Assist in critical situations
  • Walk through difficult challenges


As it relates specifically to making strategic changes, the SED realizes that most pastors have limited access to leaders with specific experience or skill sets in areas like:

Vision clarity & getting everyone involved

Often churches don’t realize that their methods don’t align to their stated vision. Vision clarity will help you determine every facet of decision such as staffing, location, facility, worship style, promotion & programmatic choices. VCC will work to clarify your vision and align everything around it.

Programmatic changes & the ramifications

Every programmatic change has pros & cons. Many times pastors aren’t sure how to best navigate a right decision to avoid possible negative effects. VCC can help you see all the angles to determine a best course of action.

Facility expansion, remodel or redesign

Very few pastors are experienced at facility expansion, remodel, redesign or maintenance. And most who do, their experience is limited or isn’t commercial in nature. VCC can make suggestions, help with planning/review, as well as, navigating architects, zoning & municipalities.

Church Council development

Senior Pastors serve as the Chairman of their Church Council but very few have experience or ideas of how to develop a non-profit board. VCC would like to assist in making Church Councils stronger & strategic.

Donor development

Strong finances are a necessary element to help a church grow and be effective. A healthy donor base can be cultivated in any size congregation. VCC can help pastors design their own plan.


Vital Care & Counsel is ready to assist client pastors and churches in these areas. For assistance or additional information contact Paul Glenn directly pglenn@foursquare.org or his cell 704.239.0569

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