This is not normal. No one is perfectly navigating this crisis. As a pastor, you may have worked from home or offered Sunday services online, but this is drastically different. Everyone is on a learning curve and is being stretched. Make sure you are giving yourself permission to rest and refresh.

You may have heard that a tired leader is an ineffective leader. The demands and stress associated with a pandemic can make even the most resilient weary. May I encourage you today with some scripture and a few thoughts to aid you in staying healthy spiritually and emotionally during these times?

Psalm 23 has been one of the most comforting portions of scripture for me during this time. May we be reminded: “He leads me (you) beside still waters…He restores my (your) soul…He leads me (you) in the paths of righteousness.” And while we are navigating this season, if we “walk through the valley of the shadow of death”, we will fear no evil. The Lord is with us.

As an exercise for remaining healthy spiritually and emotionally, will you have an honest conversation with a trusted friend about how you are doing? Go beyond the polite “I’m fine” response and share truthfully how you are dealing with stress, disappointment, change, limitations, and expectations put on you by others or yourself. Let that “iron sharpen iron” and strengthen one another. (Proverbs 27:17)

There are Pastor & Leader Health resources added weekly in the Southeast District COVID-19 resources page. Take a moment and check out a blog, podcast or encouraging video and allow yourself to be refreshed by the Lord through others.

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