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E³ Track: Creating Community in a Digital Environment


Tuesday Sep 22


7:00 pm

Virtual Event

This event occurs online.

Creating Community in a Digital Environment

“Most Church leaders see the internet as a tool but in reality, it is a place…It is a place where billions of people live and where most of the world spends at least some portion of their day. And it is a place where the “de-Churched” are looking for authentic spiritual community, rather than visiting static church websites or streamed Sunday services.” - Brian Hardin, Daily Audio Bible


Last year, discussions about community in a digital environment were conceptually considered by most of the US Church as a relevant topic for 2030-2040 when Millennials and post-Millennials really are our primary church leaders. However, the Covid-19 pandemic expedited the Church’s need to understand it now.


Just one year ahead of the pandemic, Paul Glenn spent nine months researching what is required to create a genuine sense of community in a digital environment. His research discovered 4 keys elements that must simultaneously exist.


In this 5-week discussion, he and a few special guests will not only look in-depth at each of the key elements but they will also dialogue with participants about how you might incorporate them into your own digital discipleship methods.


Tuesdays @ 7:00-8:00pm ET beginning Sept 22 (5 Weeks)