There are many testimonies of how churches in the Southeast District have been making a difference amidst COVID-19. God is empowering the church (you) by showing creative ways to communicate, provide charitable opportunities to love others in your community, share the hope of Jesus, and minister healing. Well done. You may have started in a sprint but have made adjustments to pace for a marathon. You have pivoted and adjusted your perspective with faith and wisdom.


Let’s take a moment to celebrate all that has been accomplished so far and how we believe you will emerge stronger.


  • You and your team have been innovative and made critical adjustments. You have moved from meeting in-person to an online platform. You are holding staff meetings and planning with your team remotely. Your NextGen ministries are now involving the family unit at home. You have learned new skills and so has your team.

*Keep innovating when it may seem easier to quit or return to what was.


  • You have embraced and practiced sabbath and self-care. You have extended grace to yourself and communicated needs clearly. You have given yourself, your team and others permission to process grief, disappointment, loss and a forced life-rhythm. You are already seeing the positive results of rest, deep connection with your family, and sabbath time.

*Continue your new rhythm of sabbath, self-care and healthy, honest communication.


  • You have identified distractions, timewasters and focused on your mission and purpose. Some of your distractions were eliminated by an outside force: social distancing and stay-at-home orders. You have received this for the gift that it is. Vital ministries have been identified and further developed. Key leaders have risen to the surface and the work of the ministry has been multiplied through others.

*Stay faithful to your mission, multiplication of leaders and critical ministries that bear fruit.


All throughout scripture we have seen how God’s people have flourished when restricted or in difficult circumstances. They have emerged stronger, multiplied in number, and with a passion for the lost and God’s mission. Be confident in this, “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it” (Philippians 1:6).

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