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Vital Care & Counsel

Vital Care & Counsel is an exciting free service offered to our Southeast District churches and pastors. We will assess, consult and coach client-pastors and churches to:

  • Develop true missional strategies
  • Make strategic changes
  • Navigate key decisions
  • Identify & evaluate potential opportunities
  • Assist in critical situations
  • Walk through difficult challenges

In Genesis 1, God blew "the breath of life" (fullness of the Spirit) into Adam. In John 20, a resurrected Jesus blew on the disciples and said receive the Holy Spirit (fullness). Living and leading in the inspired fullness of the Spirit is what Jesus intends for His disciples. Today, it is the way our churches and pastors must operate to successfully fulfill our Great Commission.

Vital Care & Counsel simply desires to be an instrument…an oxygen mask…of the Spirit working to help pastors and churches in the Southeast District to live, lead and inspire out of His fullness.


Transition & Successions Planning

Change is happening all the time. Most people like change, especially when they are the initiator of that change. Often times, there are little “taps” that the Lord gives a senior pastor, reminding them to look at the potential leaders/pastors around them and begin to dream about a new season in ministry that lies ahead.

In the book NEXT: Pastoral Succession That Works, William Vanderbloemen and Warren Bird eloquently describe the decision every senior pastor (and church) has to make and the necessary perspective.

“Every pastor is an interim pastor. Few are eager to admit that their time with their present church will one day end. But ultimately, all pastors are “interim” because the day when a successor takes over will come for everyone in ministry.”

When a senior pastor is intentional to create a succession plan, a successor’s success greatly increases and the church’s transition is healthy. Healthy transitions and succession planning are not just for those in their legacy years. Succession is a leader’s mindset that is steadfast in making disciples, raising leaders and trusting Jesus, as He builds His church.

The Southeast District Transition & Succession Planning is in place to:

  • Assist legacy pastors considering a transition in 1-3 years.
  • Connecting pastors to a leadership/pastor pipeline for pastoral staff transitions.
  • Identify future ministry opportunities and retirement planning.
  • Develop cohorts for pastors who are succession planning or transitioning.

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Vital Care & Counsel exists to help SED churches and pastors: Make strategic changes Navigate key decisions Evaluate potential opportunities Assist in critical situations Walk through difficult challenges This month we want to look specifically at Navigating Key Decisions. Most pastors have no training and limited access to leaders with specific experience in areas like:…