“What can I do now, for the community tomorrow?”

I think we can all agree this is a “strange” time we are in. In the midst of this season, one thing has been glaringly apparent. YOU are resilient! You are adaptable, hardworking and you are doing an amazing job caring for people. If this “strange” time has allowed us a minute to appreciate the amazing leaders we have . . . then we say thank you for the “strange”.

As we journey through the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can continue to be strong leaders and the church can care for those in our communities. One opportunity might be to host a blood drive through the American Red Cross.



“One person can help save hundreds of lives by hosting a blood drive. It's a rewarding experience.”

. . . because patients/people are able to receive the lifesaving blood they need.

. . . because your church can be part of the answer to someone’s time in need.

. . . because you can lead volunteers and donors together for a good cause.



. . . the church will provide a suitable location. A large, open space is best, so separate zones can be created.

. . . the church will publicize the blood drive. The more people who know, the more blood will flow.

. . . the church will schedule donors for appointments. You will need to contact donors who have signed up, so they don’t miss their appointments. This is also a great way to reach out afterward to say thank you.



. . . as soon as you are ready. Start by clicking this LINK.

If this sounds like an opportunity you and your church would like to host, please pray about it, discuss it with your leaders and let us know. Don’t do this alone! The Southeast District would be thrilled to help promote, advertise and walk alongside you!


For further questions, please contact Chris Wilcox at Cwilcox@foursquare.org


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