As 2019 begins, this is the time many consider a fresh start or a new beginning. This is not the same as a New Year’s resolution. Resolutions are historically proven to be ineffective.  So, don’t simply make a resolution for it to be abandoned before February making your feel guilty until April and then forgotten all together before yearend.


As you start this year and lead your organization, make a new decision. Start something new; a new beginning. Or make a fresh start to move forward on the idea God already inspired. Either way, fresh starts and new beginnings are great ways to realize Kingdom effectiveness. They are also one of the favorite ways for SED Vital Care & Counsel to work with churches. Incredible partnership and synergy comes from walking together; the SED walking alongside churches as they make steps into new beginnings, fresh starts, and even renewed efforts.


Every leader can benefit at such a time from a breath of fresh air, a creative perspective, a sounding board, or another leader helping to brainstorm ideas for a solid approach. And your church already has access to such additional experience that doesn’t already reside in your Church Council or sit in its pews.


SED Vital Care is ready to prayerfully assist SED pastors & churches as they navigate such opportunities. For additional info contact Paul Glenn directly or his cell 704.239.0569.

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