SED 2017 Strategic Plan

Southeast District Strategic Plan


We have three primary areas of missional formation to advance: leader development, church transformation, and church multiplication. In many ways these three objectives represent the spiritual synergy created when we love God, love others and make disciples along the way (Matthew 22:36-40; Matthew 28:16-20). Our strategic objectives, as a collection of churches, can be no different than the common core or DNA of Christianity - the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.  The “what” or focus of our leadership has been provided, the “how” is what we collectively discuss, discern and develop.

The Kingdom objective of the 2017 SED Strategic Plan (SP) is to effectively respond to the Holy Spirit’s alignment of people and resources to support our churches in making disciples, developing leaders and multiplying churches and congregations; to forge a Great Commission Movement.

2016 Review and 2017 Plan

2016 shaped up to be a year of clarifying organizational values, defining key leadership roles and responsibilities, engaging past and present issues that required immediate time and resources, and standardizing policies and procedures. It was also a year of relationship building and spiritual discernment, discovering the nuances of the diverse cultures and various expressions of faith communities that make up the Foursquare Southeast District.

A lot of time and energy went into stabilizing district operations. Managing properties occupied an inordinate amount of time and resources; pastor care and church interventions were additional issues that occupied more time and resources than were anticipated. Plans are in place to adequately give more time and attention to all three areas of district responsibility.

Leader Development (LD)

2016 was a year of standardizing processes and establishing leadership baselines, 2017 will be one of engaging leaders and churches. Our most deficient area of district ministry was the collaborative development and delivery for training and support with fruitful pastors and churches. We were successful in training and empowering regional leaders to provide oversight and assistance for local churches. All of the Regional Superintendents participate in monthly coaching calls and have been trained (first phase) in a number of critical processes such as license, immigration, pastoral transitions and church interventions.

The district will reengage scheduled training in the new year. We will focus on Kingdom Principles, Pastor Health, Discipleship, Administration and Church Multiplication

Church Multiplication (CM)

The SED has seen many variations of church planter training and preparation over the past five years. The first and most critical task in bringing unity and focus to the multiplication of churches and congregations in the Southeast is to clearly define (1) the purpose of multiplication (2) the most effective types of multiplication and (3) the district processes available to planters, pastors and churches.

Three new church multiplication processes were developed and implemented in 2016. Planter Preparation cohorts have formed in S. Florida (Spanish and English), Georgia (serving the rest of the Spanish speaking planters) and North Carolina (English). Two fully developed programs are in place, City-2-City and Intensivo de Escuela de Formacion Pastoral. The CP training in English centers around four retreats, one being a Soul Care Retreat for planters and their spouses. All planters and spouses complete a Lifeway Assessment prior to beginning the planting process and about ½ of planters have either been assigned a coach or have provided their own. The district has a financial plan for matching church support and has placed money in reserves to support all of the church plants that have completed the preparation process. We anticipate launching 6 church plants, 4 Missional Congregations, and 2 Church Adoptions.

Church Transformation (CT)

A few of the Coaching to Growth groups continued in 2016. We did not start any new groups and we did not establish any alternate district delivered trainings. Pastor Luis Ramirez included a dozen Spanish speaking leaders in one of the district church multiplication cohorts. CT was the weakest element of development in 2016. There were a number of historical district events but no specific training and coaching curriculum was developed.

We are scheduling targeted gatherings for training, cohort development and support, pastor care and support systems and teams. Training will be delivered in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Some specific training will be developed by ethnic leaders to train within their ministry context.

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